34th World Youth Day will take place in winter 2019

Next the central celebration of World Youth Day will be held in Panama in winter 2019 in February or March. This information Apostolic Nuncio in Panama, Archbishop. Andrés Carrascosa Coso announced on August 1 on its website the oldest and the main newspaper of the country „La Estrella de Panamá”.

This decision stems because of the rainy season, which occurs in July and August vacation in Panama are during the dry season.

The host of the World Youth Day will be the capital of Panama – Panama.

Papal diplomat assured that the organization of WYD does not exceed the capabilities of Panama. It is estimated that then come to Panama around 500 000 young people.

Cardinal José Luis Lacunza Maestrojuán said that it is „a great challenge” and „a great target for our small country,” while ensuring that Panama will be able to arrange everything to welcome guests in 2019 years. He also expressed hope that this great meeting will help to „revitalize” the youth of Panama and the whole of Latin America.

He pointed out that the majority of young people in the region live in poverty and are constantly in contact with the problems of migration, drugs and violence. WYD should contribute to that young people will find the way to faith – said future host World Youth Day.

The President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela said that his country sincerely accept young people from all over the world.


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